Hey peeps, remember when I nagged you for money a couple of weeks ago? And you meant to help out but just sort of forgot about it? Well, good news: there is still time to contribute to the Motion Picture Restoration Project! We’ve raised enough to restore the poster for The Silent Witness, and now we’re trying to ensure we have the funds to restore Are Parents People? as well.

To learn more about the event and to donate to my team, please go here. I thank you so much in advance for your support of this project!

(and yes, I am actually running the 5k race for this, even though I am medically in no condition to do so.)

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    I teach film analysis (yep, I’m a college professor of communication), and I’m ALL OVER THIS. Films of the past are...
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    Hi pretty people! This is a thing that I am supporting and junk. Join me, won’t you? Thank you!
  7. avesilves said: Donated! I did get a job finally, so I’m happy to support this awesome project! Good luck!!!
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