"If you just work hard enough, you will succeed."

Which, I suppose, is how Jenna Bush got her gig as a contributor to NBC News - by working hard in entry-level journalism posts and climbing her way up through the ranks with solid reporting and outstanding feature pieces over the years. Oh, wait.

Well, maybe it explains the success of Luke Russert, another NBC News correspondent who paid his dues by starting on the ground floor and earning his way to the top and certainly not via the aegis of his father’s legacy. Ok, bad example.

Then how about Chelsea Clinton, who was just hired as yet another special correspondent at NBC? Certainly she… well, I think you see where I’m going with this. Oh, did I forget to mention that Meghan McCain is an NBC News contributor as well? Another paragon of journalistic experience; just one more young person at NBC who overcame amazing odds through hard work and years of tireless effort demonstrating her excellence at her trade, right?

Unless you’re speaking of all but the most menial of roles, the “America is a meritocracy” trope is a complete and utter fucking joke. Those who were born on third base will forever and always cross home plate before you do, no matter what kind of tired old Horatio Alger tales the Right wants to cling to.

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  1. singing-moose said: Absolutely. Those born on 3rd base even surpass the objects of someone-in-power’s lust in career advancement. Have you been noticing, of late, the increase of reports and blogs extolling the accuracy of our system being a meritocracy?
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