Dane Cook just inked a development deal with NBC.

We are all, clearly, Doing It Wrong.

Dane Cook is the “KFC Famous Bowl™” of comedy. Which I suppose, on reflection, is the reason why he’s going to be in a network sitcom.

BRB, going to take this toaster up to my tub.

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  1. fookyeahconradveidt said: Your tag “lowest common denominator” sums it up perfectly—so do you want to be an unfunny hack like Dane Cook, or do you want to be true to yourself & maintain some basic credibility? All the money in the world won’t buy back your self-respect… ;)
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  3. goodjon said: why is this a bad thing? Why does this upset you so? Everyone loved this guy and now everyone loves to hate him. but it’s not a big deal. lots of people get tv deals
  4. mathcat345 said: One more show I won’t be watching. Yay! More time to read.
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